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Installing De-Fence security Fencing

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The De-Fence range of fencing solutions now offers the market ‘the new alternative’ to palisade fencing when specifying or selecting security fencing products and services specifically designed to meet all levels of security required.

De-Fence Planning

1. Planning & Preparation
  • Survey site carefully
  • Mark out corners
  • Mark out changes of direction in the fence line

De-Fence Tip

Select your starting point ensuring that you are working down the slope. This makes stepping and post setting easier.

De-Fence Planning Tip

De-Fence Sighting Post

2. Establish a Sighting Post
  • Place a sighting post some distance down the fence
  • Attach a fish line

3. Dig holes for Posts
  • Mark out post hole centres
  • Dig holes of 300mm x 300mm wide, 600mm deep

De-Fence Dig Holes for Posts

De-Fence Dig Holes Tip

De-Fence Tip

Mix your batch of concrete at the same time as the steps mentioned above.

10 x Wheelbarrows of concrete mix to 1 x bag of cement should fill approximately 8 holes.

De-Fence Position 1st Post

4. Position 1st Post
  • Assemble 1st panel and post
  • With Fixing Flange in position (see step 6), tighten bolts and nuts (Ensure that nut does not sheer)
  • Position post in 1st hole

5. Line Up & Fill
  • Line up the posts using fish line attached to sighting post
  • Use Spirit Level to ensure post is vertical
  • Fill post hole with concrete

De-Fence Line Up and Fill Holes

De-Fence Position 2nd Post and Mesh Assembly

6. Position 2nd Post and Mesh Assembly
  • Insert 2nd post in next hole and fit to end of 1st Mesh Panel
  • Insert 2nd Mesh Panel into 2nd Post
  • Using Flange Plate, secure the panels loosely
  • Once levelled or stepped - tighten bolts
  • Use props to hold panels in positions

7. Double Check Levels and Continue
  • Double check horizontal and vertical levels on 1st post
  • Ensure 2nd panel and post are still lined up with fish lines and also double check horizontal and vertical levels
  • Concrete 2nd post into place

Repeat this process with the rest of the posts and panels

De-Fence Line Up and Fill Holes

De-Fence Checking Levels Tip

De-Fence Tip

Always return to the previous 3 posts and panels you have placed and check the levels. The panels can sometimes hang and pull the posts off the vertical. This is very hard to rectify at a later stage and also creates assembly problems at the corners.

8. Stepping the Panels
  • Follow the slope of the ground and step your panels
  • Slacken off the bolts and slide the panel down
  • Ensure you get an even step over the entire distance

De-Fence Stepping the Panels

Click here for a simple, step-by-step guide on how to install the NJR Steel De-Fence security fencing range of products.

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