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Fasteners and Accessories

NJR Steel supplies a choice selection of robust fasteners and accessories from SafeTop. This impressive selection includes Timbermate, Timberlock, 300 Series and Jet-in screws, as well as Speed Drill and Self Drill drive heads, M-bolts, roof fasteners, Safe-Fix anchors, washers, colour caps, Starcraft drill bits, Polyfixers and accessories; each of which includes a variety of models, sizes and subtypes.

The quality and diversity of these premium products are unparalleled. Screws vary from square drives with double countersunk heads to washer-faced hex heads, and are available with saw-tooth, self-cutting and self-drilling points. Top traits include corrosion, leak and breakage resistance, easy and fast installation, reduced wear, a flush finish, effortless countersinking, high pull-out resistance and reduced drive torque.

Safe-Fix anchors are manufactured from stainless steel or high grade nylon and plastic, and are available for heavy, medium and light-duty anchorage. Each range offers a variety of specified uses, including the fixing of frames, wall angles, brackets, cables, skirting boards, electrical trunking, light fittings, timber battens, balustrades, shelving, railings, suspended ceilings, ventilation systems, and so on, to materials such as plasterboard, timber, brick, concrete, metal and stone. Products are easy to install and yield high strength fixing. Wide selections of bolts, drill bits and other fastening tools and accessories are also available. See the attached brochures for more choice fastening products.

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