From the foundations to the rooftops of our cities, our steel supports and strengthens our nation.

From the foundations to the rooftops of our cities, our steel supports and strengthens our nation. Select the industry best suited to your needs for a list of associated products and services.
Truck & TrailerRead more
Our steel plate, sheet, and tubing are recognised throughout the South African automotive and transport industries.
SignageRead more
Our steel plate, steel sheet, power tools and paint products are used to manufacture of every type of sign in the country.
SecurityRead more
NJR Steel’s quality steel and wire fences contribute to the safety and peace of mind of thousands of business and home owners throughout South Africa.
MiningRead more
As a major supplier of steel plate, NJR Steel makes a significant contribution to the mining industry; South Africa’s largest and most lucrative trade.
ManufacturingRead more
NJR Steel manufactures a variety of steel plates and members, and supplies materials and power tools to manufacturing plants to ensure safe, high quality and renewable manufacturing practices throughout the industry.
Hardware & Building MerchantsRead more
NJR Steel is proud to supply some of the nation’s best hardware merchants with superior quality hardware products.
FabricationRead more
As a major plate supplier to the profiling industry, NJR Steel supplies only the best steel members to be cut, shaped, molded and joined into robust and renewable steel products.
EngineeringRead more
The engineering industry is our most prominent domain.
ConstructionRead more
Steel is the backbone of the construction industry. Trust NJR Steel to supply your project with steel products of unbeatable quality.
CivilsRead more
Steel is the most important material used in structural and architectural engineering.
AgricultureRead more
Since its establishment in 1980, NJR Steel has been one of the largest suppliers of steel to the South African agricultural industry.
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