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Palisade Fencing

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Technical Documents:

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NJR Steel branches stock a broad range of palisade fencing products which are supplied to fencing contractors, installers and DIY markets. Palisade fencing is an ever-popular solution to residential, commercial, municipal and industrial perimeter security needs, as it offers both visual and physical deterrence; and, unlike other fencing solutions, it maintains an amicable suburban façade. Furthermore, steel palisades are unparalleled in strength and therefore incredibly durable. Galvanisation ensures rust resistance and added longevity. NJR Steel stocks complete palisade panels and loose components in a variety of spike designs including 3-spike, 5-spike, 7-spike and Devil’s Fork, as well as several options of pale profiles and designs.

Why Choose NJR Steel Palisade Fencing?

Physical Deterrence

Palisade fencing is a great physical deterrence that has proven to be one of South Africa’s most popular security fencing solutions.

Strong and Durable

Palisade fencing is a strong and durable steel fencing solution. Cutting or bending it requires power tools in most cases and a considerable amount of effort.

Difficult to Climb

No fence is impossible to climb but palisade fencing makes it difficult for intruders due the sharp spikes on top. Having the lengthier panels together with electric fencing provides even more resistance.

Custom Options

NJR Steel stock palisade panels ranging from 0.5m to 2.4m in length.

Custom-made Gates

Swing, sliding and pedestrian gates can be custom-made to the clients specifications.

Affordable Security

NJR Steel manufactures palisade fencing in bulk, allowing us to provide you with the most competitive pricing available.

Everything under One Roof

NJR Steel Branches stock a wide range of products including palisade fencing, screws, bolts, gates, electric fencing, steel paint, welding equipment, accessories and much more.

How to Buy Palisade Fencing from NJR Steel

  1. Measure the approximate metres of palisade that you require.
  2. Download our Palisade Fencing Catalogue at the top under “Technical Documents”
  3. Browse the catalogue to get an idea of the different profiles and lengths available.
  4. Click “Send an Enquiry” above and let us know what we can help you with.
  5. A Fencing consultant will contact you with your quote and discuss all the options with you.

NJR Steel strive to be first for steel in all areas, especially palisade fencing. Contact us today for friendly service, helpful advice and a competitive quote!

The picture above is for display purposes only. Please contact your closest branch for more detailed information on the type of palisade fencing they stock, as this depends on regional demand.

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