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Ornamental Castings & Decorative Mild Steel

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Ornamental Castings & Decorative Mild Steel, Twisted Bar

Cast iron remains one of the most elegant forms of decorative metalwork, emanating a romance reminiscent of centuries past. Cast iron, not to be confused with wrought iron, may be shaped into any pattern imaginable, making it the perfect medium for architectural and interior decoration. Ornamental castings are used to add the finishing touches to decorative steelwork. Our castings are designed for both aesthetic beauty and optimal functionality, and are so durable, they will last a lifetime.

NJR Steel branches stock a comprehensive range of ornamental castings and mild steel decorative scrolls and twisted bar, suited to a variety of purposes and industries, most notably architecture, fencing, security and home décor. Our selection of almost 300 ornamental castings includes panels, scrolls, handrails, caps, brackets, floral elements, rosettes, rings, balustrades, balusters, collars posts, bars, fence spear points, and more. Ornamental castings are used by municipalities for decorative lamp posts, clock posts, handrails and sign posts. Although our NJR Steel branded welding electrodes are classified as a general purpose electrode (E6013), these welding rods do weld our cast iron ornamental castings onto mild steel, saving you time and money.

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