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Sliding Door Systems

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Hillaldam Steel Sliding Door Systems

NJR Steel’s selection of DIY products features an impressive variety of Hillaldam sliding door systems. These systems include top-hanging and bottom-rolling mechanisms for indoor and outdoor use, and offer straight sliding, sliding/folding, sliding/stacking and specialty sliding door designs. Note that these systems comprise the doors’ sliding mechanisms only and do not include any doors.

Styles and applications are diverse, ranging from delicate indoor models for glass and timber doors to robust sliding door systems for steel-framed industrial buildings. Each design cites its intended setting as domestic, commercial or industrial, with some models indicating hospitals and hotels as their most profitable market. We also sell Hillaldam sliding door fittings and accessories such as steel or aluminium tracks and guide channels, brackets, hangers, rollers, guides, handles, flush bolts, keeps, door stops, locking systems and weather seals. If you require a sliding door system that is elegant yet strong, whether for your home or business, indoors or outdoors, NJR Steel and Hillaldam will provide the ideal solution.

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