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Sliding gate wheel kits

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Technical Documents:

NJR Steel’s selection of choice DIY products includes steel wheel kits with anti-scuff brackets. These products facilitate the easy and silent operation of automated sliding gates by eliminating the otherwise inevitable friction which leads to squeaking. As a result, the motor, rack, and pinion are spared a significant amount of wear, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a thoroughly effective, maintenance-free device.

The V-groove wheels come in various sizes: 40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm. Since these wheels get a lot of use, it pays to select premium wheels; premium V-groove wheels with sealed bearings will last the lifetime of any gate. The wheels are placed in the brackets, and ride on an angle iron track with the corner facing up. The bracket has some additional skirting welded on the bottom to prevent feet from being run over. This additional skirting is not a requirement but it is recommended, especially for households or institutions dealing with small children.

All our wheel kit products are made of high quality steels and are engineered for easy installation and silent operation. Sliding gate wheel kits include PVC guides, wheels, and bearings. The bearings are made of bearing steel as opposed to carbon steel, and have two rubber seals (2RS) that make them far more effective at keeping dust and water out than ZZ bearings with two dust shields. Wheels can be galvanised on request. Our NJR Steel branded wheel kits are backed by a 10 year guarantee.

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